Service Goals

Our Service Goals And How We Got There.

The CRC has worked extensively to realize a long-term commitment to children by helping to:

  • Keep them out of the middle of destructive disputes involving custody and access
  • Build stronger families through parental education and responsibility
  • Enable continuing relationships with both parents regardless of marital status
  • Lessen the circumstance and time for court interventions between litigating parents.

In support of this commitment to children, the CRC has established a set of social goals based on program utilization of the Both Parents Approach model to help highly conflicted parents involved in marital discourse, custody disputes, parental alienation, and relational inexperience better cooperate and collaborate in the best interests of their children following break-up of the family. Accomplishment of the CRC advocacy and program goals are designed to:

  • Mitigate the long-term damaging effects to children caused by divorce and relationship break-ups
  • Reduce total children at risk from developing harmful and destructive behaviors
  • Encourage non-custodial parents to remain emotionally & financially supportive of their children
  • Advocate increased opportunities for access to non-custodial parents
  • Decrease the nature, burden and expense of legal disputes and court interventions caused by persistent parental conflict.
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