Official Log-in

Each time you arrive at the Safe Haven Program, you are directed to sign a log of your attendance and be sure to list your child(ren)’s name. The logs are furnished to the Court upon request, and from time to time Custodian of Records may also be summoned to testify based on their observation of parental behavior, concerning conformance to rules, and parental abilities to cooperate with one another for the benefit of their child(ren).

The Designated "Go-Between"

It is recommended that you identify a reliable person to serve as an alternate with the Courts and Family Support Services in the event you are unable to transport your child(ren) or have an emergency.

Set Time Aside on Your First Visit

On your first visit, you should arrive 15 minutes early. The Center Director will go over center procedures, give you the opportunity, and (if you like), conduct a tour of the facility.