IV. Access Programs (pg. 2 of 3)

There are two access programs available to parents: 1) monitored transfers, and 2) supervised access.

A. Monitored transfers will usually occur on Friday and Sunday evenings for transfer of the child(ren) between parents.  Most often this occurs with the transferring parent arriving between 7 pm – 8 pm on Friday with the child(ren) to the center.  The receiving parent arrives within approximately 15 minutes of the scheduled arrival time.  Safe, peaceful transfer is made on the premises under the monitored direction of trained staff.  The process is reversed on Sunday evening between 6 pm – 7 pm to accommodate return of the child(ren).

B. Supervised access is offered at the Safe Haven Center on Saturdays in blocks of up to four (4) hours depending on the court order.  Supervised access is determined by the court and restricts parental access to the on-premise location. There are generally two sessions available for supervised access.  Session 1 is from opening at 9 a.m. to 11 a.m; Session 2 is from 11 a.m. to 1. p.m. closing.  Judges, at their discretion, may designate whether one or both sessions should be made available to you.

Under no circumstances, may child(ren) be left at the Safe Haven Center without one parent being present.  Furthermore, parents should not bring others with them, including a “significant other”.  This will help reduce the possibility of controversy and unpleasantness.  If you must bring someone with you for assistance due to a disability or other reasonable need, please let the Center Director know in advance. An accompanying person not approved by the court, may enter the Center but will not be permitted to visit with the child(ren).

Visiting or waiting in the parking area or in front of the building is not permitted.  Parents involved in child transfers are directed to enter the building upon arrival and log in their transfer; drop off or pick up their child(ren) then immediately leave the premises.

Parents are further reminded to coordinate their arrival time to pick up their child(ren) from the Center immediately after each supervised access session is concluded and promptly depart the premises.

V. Rules Enforcement

Please obey all rules and directed interventions by staff or security personnel. Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated.  Safe Haven Center personnel are instructed to notify police after one warning.  Rules violations will also be immediately reported to the Court and other public protective/social service agencies as necessary.  Additionally, a certified law enforcement or security officer is onsite during periods of supervised access to ensure the safety of personnel and compliance with Court directives.

VI. General Restrictions

Drugs and/or alcohol are prohibited in all areas of the Safe Haven Access Center.  This includes all spaces within the building, the parking lot, surrounding green areas, and your personal vehicle if parked on private property of the premises.  If any monitor or security person suspects such use before or during a visit to the Access Center, the session will be cancelled and the referring court and/or agency will be notified.  If active use or possession is observed, police will be immediately contacted.

For parents involved in a supervised access program, an appropriate Safe Haven Program staff person shall accompany any child(ren) to the restroom in the instance such child(ren) are too young to go alone.

There is no smoking allowed on the premises of a Safe Haven Program. Premises include all private rooms, office spaces, restrooms, and general areas.  Check with the Safe Haven Program supervisor to learn if smoking maybe permitted in a designated area outside away from the flow of foot traffic to and from the building.

Parents are not allowed at the Access Center before or after regularly scheduled “open” hours.  Establish a time that you will arrive at each transfer session and keep with this schedule.  Monitors are available to assist as necessary.

Cameras, tape recorders or video recorders are not permitted in the Center without prior approval of the Center Director.  Photographs and electronic imaging of your child(ren) are allowed with the consent of the other parent.  Still and video recordings of other children, parents and staff are prohibited.