Setting a Good Example at Safe Haven

Set a good example for your child(ren) as a loving, considerate, responsible parent; make your comments and behavior toward the other parent in a courteous manner. Endeavor to help your child(ren) view the Safe Haven Program in a positive way. Children imitate their parent’s behavior, including perspectives of transfer and supervision. Let them know they are there to visit the other parent or to be transferred in a safe and caring environment.

Parents may communicate with each other by completing a Parental Information Request “PIR” form if they wish.  Keep the message polite and non-controversial.  Inappropriate comments are not allowed.  Arguing in front of children is not allowed in the presence of children or staff.  Should either parent get “out of control”, staff is directed to intervene, and if necessary, initiate security procedures.

Parents are reminded to consistently arrive on time. Too early or late arrivals may create additional anxieties for your child(ren). Additionally, your child(ren) may make new friends at the Center and look forward to the brief time available to interact with others.

The Court and the Children’s Rights Council want you to have a pleasant child/parent transfer and access experience. Strive to be positive and cooperative, and keep the process safe and secure for your child(ren) and all others participating in the Safe Haven Program.