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It is a very busy time for CRC. We are busy working to bring about change on a federal level that improves children’s lives. On a state level, our chapter directors work everyday to promote a fairer outcome for children and parents, pushing change along with their will, dynamism, and skill.

  • Help us grow our Safe Haven Access Centers for monitored transfer and supervised visits!
  • Help us continue to expand the role of shared parenting in society!
  • Help us continue to promote an active role for both parents in all states!

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Current Free books with Membership (Choose one book listed below or the package of three) 

Letter To A Great Grandson: A Message of Love, Advice, and Hopes for the Future

By: Hugh Downs 

 Letter to A Great Grandson presents a completely new system for categorizing life. Downs has divided it into seventeen stages, ranging from infant, to post-puberty minor, to "young old," to ancient, and everything in between. This unique organization allows him to offer specific thoughts on each stage, making the book pertinent to all age levels, ideal for reading over and over again during different periods in life. Reviewed by Barnes & Noble 


Our Boys Speak: Adolescent Boys Write About Their Inner Lives

By: John Nikkah

 John contacted over 5,000 schools across the country looking for the voices of America's boys. What are their goals, their fears, their hopes, their dreams? What are their lives really like as they stand on the verge of manhood? Our Boys Speak takes the best of hundreds of entries from boys aged 12-18 from varied racial, economic, religious, and regional backgrounds. The essays, poems, diary entries and stories cover topics ranging from sex and dating, sports, religion, depression, violence, video games, family, and just about everything in between. Reviewed by MacMillan


Reconcilable Differences: 7 Essential Tips to Remaining Together from a Top Matrimonial Lawyer

By: Robert Stephan Cohen 

Written by a matrimonial lawyer, the seven customary problem areas given as justification for divorce: parallel lives; communication; sexual compatibility; money; infidelity; transitions; in-laws and family are all addressed as-- reconcilable, and he gives many specific examples of concrete action. Reviewed by Amazon


Why Girls Talk and What They're Really Saying: A Parent's Survival Guide to Connecting with Your Teen 

By: Susan Morris Shaffer & Linda Perlman Gordon

Because adolescent girls tend to talk so much, parents often assume that girls are easier to communicate with than boys. In reality, much of what teenage girls say is the opposite of a healthy expression of emotion--often taking the form of fighting, brooding hostility, or, at times, overinvolvement. Reviewed by Amazon


Package of Three Books

Life's Little Tribute Book For Fathers By: H. Jackson Brown, JR

From the bestselling author of such popular gift books as "Life's Little Instruction Book, A Father's Book of Wisdom", and "A Hero in Every Heart" comes a new small-format book of wisdom featuring a collection of heartwarming thoughts all about dads. Reviewed by GoodReads


The Two of Us: A Book About Mothers and Daughters By: Ellen Small & Sara Schapiro 

The Two Of Us says all the things you have wanted to say to the woman who has been such an important part of your life. The two of us...share so much in common: genes (and maybe jeans), a certain expression, a way of doing things, family memories. The two of us...may not always see eye to eye, but we can always speak heart to heart. Mothers and daughters will smile in recognition at the funny, honest sentiments, secrets, confessions, and tender moments captured in this heartwarming gift book. Reviewed by Amazon

What's Dad Thinkin' ? By: David Butler

Who else is so darn funny to watch? No one can inspire, amaze, and mystify us like Dad. And one thing's for sure: No one loves us like Dad. Quirky observances illustrated with retro art--complete with goofy family photos--offer a hilarious look at the foibles and idiosyncrasies that make dads the strange and wonderful people we love. This is the perfect gift for weird dads and the families who treasure and revere them.  Reviewed by Amazon