Internet Slang


Today's children don't know a world without the internet or cell phones. Adolescents and young adults are especially fond of the new media. This has changed the speed at which we live. It also has given rise to a new lexicon. By text or by email, correspondence is fast, and acronyms are used for the sake of brevity, expression, and privacy. Emoticons are listed at the end of the page. Please note: for comprehensiveness, this content does include acronyms of profanities which occur in the text/chat lexicon.

abft- about f***ing time

asl-  age/sex/location, usually used in chat rooms or just meeting someone

b4- before

bai- bye

bamf- bad a** mother f***er

bb- baby; bye-bye

bbl- be back later

bbs- be back soon

bc- because

bf- boyfriend, best friend

bff- best friend forever

bg- background

brb- be right back

bstfu- b**** shut the f*** up

btw- by the way

byob- bring your own beer/booze

cd9- code 9, parents in the room

code 29- monitor is watching

code 9- parents are watching

ctn- can’t talk now

ctnpc- can’t talk now, parents coming

dilf- dad I’d like to f***

ftw- for the win

g2g- got to go

gf- girl friend

gnoc- get naked on cam (webcam)

hai- hi

hbic- head b**** in charge

hdu- how dare you

hdy- how dare you

ia- I agree

iawt- I agree with that

iawtc- I agree with that comment

idgaf- I don’t give a f***

idgf- I don’t give a f***

idk- I don’t know

jk- just kidding

lawl- lol, laughing out loud

lmao-laugh my a** off

lmirl- let’s meet in real life

lol- laugh out loud, not lots of love

mia- missing in action

milf- mother I’d like to f***

mirl- meet in real life

morf- male or female

mos- mom over shoulder

n00b- newbie, someone that is new to something

newb- newbie, someone that is new to something

nifoc- naked in front of computer

nm- not much; never mind

nmu- not much you?

noob- newbie, someone that is new to something

nsfw- not safe for work (graphic content)

nvm- never mind

nws-not work safe (graphic content)

omg- oh my god

ontd- oh no they didn’t

p911- parent emergency

paw- parents are watching

pir- parent in room

pos- parent over shoulder; piece of shit

pron- porn

prw- parents are watching

rl- real life

rofl- rolling on the floor laughing

roflmao- rolling on the floor laughing my a** off

s2r- send to receive (pictures)

smh- shaking my head

stfd- sit the f*** down

stfo- step the f*** off

stfu- shut the f*** up

tdtm- talk dirty to me

tna- t*** and a**

ttfn- ta-ta for now

ttyl- talk to you later

w/e- whatever

wtf- What the f***?

wut- what

y/y- yes yes?

yy- yes yes?

zomg- oh my god


:-), :), :o) smile

:-D, :D, :oD big smile

XD laughing face

;-), ;), ;o) wink

:-* kiss

:-(, :(, :o( sad face

:’-(, :’( crying

T_T crying

^_^, ^^ happy face

:-P, :-p, :P, :p tongue out

o.O Wow face

:-X, :X oh no, shouldn’t have said that

>:-(, >:O, >:o angry face

:-[, :[ not happy

:/, :\, :-\, :-/ not happy