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If this is your first visit to CRCkids, you are sure to find a wealth of information, resources and services on shared parenting (custody and access); prevention of abuse and neglect of children; laws and legislative initiatives; court processes and alternative dispute resolutions; parenting tools and education; and many other issues.

All dedicated to helping divorced, separated and never married parents remain actively and responsibly involved in their child’s life.

Get started with one of the features below, or read our article about Max August and our Santa Fe, NM, Access Centers.

Many of our Safe Haven Parenting Access Centers are at capacity. Your financial support today allows us continue to provide our popular services instead of turning away families that need our help. Find more information at Donate and how YOU can help CRC.

Locate Your Chapter

Become a state or international Chapter where parents go to meet those who can help them navigate the local laws regarding child support, visitation, custody, legal and relationship matters. Gain support, friends, and advice from mothers and fathers who are in your situation. Learn the ropes firsthand, call CRC at 301-459-1220


Father embraces baby daughterOn Behalf of Children, we engage the global family to fulfill three fundamental needs:
The need to protect the “Best Interests” and Healthy Development of Children.
The need to advance Social and Legal Justice.
The need to provide Community Awareness and Parental Education.

Locate an Access Center

CRC operates Parenting Time Access Centers in various counties in Maryland where non-custodial parents with privileges of Parenting Time (visitation) either under Supervision or Monitored Transfer  go to see their children and build strong families. Our Parenting Centers exist to help facilitate you in your desire to maintain or build a relationship with your child.


Legal Knowledge Center

Family law, collaborative law, pro se representation, common terms and definitions, courts and orders, hiring and working with an attorney. We work to make sure our legal resources section is filled with the latest research and information you can use.



Parental Resources

Parenting tools such as the Activity Schedule for Kids (ASK) and the Allowance & Savings Toolkit, and a guide to online oversight. Also, the Shared Parenting Agreement and information on parental rights. More>>

CRC History

Founded in 1985, CRC responded to the growth in divorced and separated couples and its concomitant rise in custody matters between parents. CRC grew quickly and continues advocacy and research on an international scale.

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