Always inform the monitor(s) if your child has a special emotional or physical need. The continued safety, health and wellbeing of all children are the first priorities.

The courts will ensures that CRC is aware of and receives a copy of all protective orders in place against another person. Children’s Rights Council will ensure that all orders are fully enforced while at the center.

Safe Haven Program personnel are not counselors or attorneys. Monitors may not discuss the merits of your particular case or give professional advice.

With the exception of legal documents, parents may communicate with each other by using a Parental Information Form (PIR) provided by CRC. This request should only include information necessary to make the child’s stay more pleasant and safe with the other parent by providing information related to needs, medications, special diet foods, clothes, and/or toys. Staff will review the contents of the form. However, staff does not have the authority to force the other parent to accept the form.

  • Clean up after use of your area. Remove all trash and personal belongings. CRC does not provide storage areas to keep clothing, toys or other items between visits.
  • It is a requirement of all parents to state in writing their agreement to observance all rules and guidelines before being allowed to participate in the Safe Haven Program.

If you have questions or concerns about the Safe Haven Program, please discuss them privately with the Center Director at your earliest convenience.