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Dear Supporter,

It is a very busy time for CRC. We are busy working to bring about change on a federal level that improves children's lives. On a state level, our Director works everyday to promote a fairer outcome for children and parents, pushing change along with their will, dynamism, and skill.

  • Help us grow our Safe Haven Access Centers for monitored transfer and supervised visits!
  • Help us continue to expand the role of shared parenting in society!
  • Help us continue to promote an active role for both parents in all states!

Since 1985 we have been on the forefront in a movement for shared parenting and putting children first following divorce or separation by enabling both parents to take an active role in their children's lives. Our mission has broadened to include:

  • The need to protect the “Best Interests” and Healthy Development of Children
  • The need to advance Social and Legal Justice
  • The need to provide Community Awareness and Parental Education

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