A Note About Scheduling

Please review the schedule for the assigned Safe Haven Access Center. It details the address, days and hours of operation, and contact information. Although the Court may assign schedules at is discretion, you are first urged to contact the CRC Staff person listed on the enclosed Safe Haven Program schedule for any questions regarding the center or your visitation.

The Safe Haven Center Operates Primarily on Weekends

Children benefit from consistency. Once a schedule has been established, please ensure you understand the rules and follow your schedule; it is your responsibility to arrive and depart on time. Sessions will end at their scheduled time even if one parent is late. You may not miss a transfer or visitation session without permission of the Court. CRC does not have authority to excuse absences or pardon repeated instances of tardiness. The schedule will remain the same unless changed by an order from the judge.

Aside from requests for documentation, there are no fees for using the Safe Haven Program. It is however, your responsibility to provide meals, medicines, and any toys or gifts to your children when visiting the Center. You are reminded to be conscious of the other parent’s wishes regarding acceptable diet and items appropriate to the child(ren).

Pay for Documents Online

You may pay online for your documentation with your PayPal account or by credit card. Fill out the form below and send by mail or email to the Children's Rights Council offices.

Then click this button to pay your total.


Schedule of Fees & Request for Service

Our fees for documents related to the Safe Haven program. We accept cashier's check, money order, and cash. We do not accept personal checks.

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