Gallery of Stars

To our spring 2010 international interns. Thank you! Our four international interns hail from three countries: India, China, and Korea. They have researched a number of topics in the field of child custody, shared parenting, mediation, and law. Pictured (l-r): Sowmiya Chakararthy, Logabiraman, Shasha Menqian. (Not pictured: Chan Lee). 

CRC intern Cindy Hernandez

Spring 2010 intern Cindy Hernandez attends the University of Maryland where she is majoring in Family Sciences and Spanish. At CRC she researched topics in domestic violence as well as human, civil, legal, and parental rights. She also acted as a Monitor at an Access Center, as did all our University of Maryland interns.

CRC Intern Nicole Avalear

Intern Nicole Avalear, also from the University of Maryland. This spring, we are lucky to have seven University of Maryland graduating seniors interning at CRC. Nicole's latest research project pro bono resources, methods to access, and limitations of interest and assistance.

CRC intern Alexis Booker

Also from the University of Maryland is Alexis Booker, who spent her time at CRC in April researching the topic of child/parental "rights" to make direct appeals to the judge, receptivity of the court, and emancipation laws.

Intern Iskedar Ayalew

Iskedar Ayalaw finished her internship with an assessment of the advantages and limitations of alternative dispute resolution techniques. Our UMD interns helped us greatly and we appreciate all their time and effort amidst a busy final senior-year semester.

Sabrina Barnes and Natasha Wetzel

Sabrina Barnes and Natasha Wetzel (l to r) finish up their second round of projects. Ms. Barnes studied the legal ramifications of making false accusations and the behavorial consequences to children and families, while Ms. Wetzel studied multiple aspects of custody evaluations. 

Sabrina Barnes and Natasha Wetzel

Like all their classmates from the University of Maryland, Ms. Barnes and Ms. Wetzel served at local Access Centers under the Safe Haven program and were quite a team, especially when it came to suggestions for improving our Access Centers, and for honing the efficiency and aims of our website. We have yet to implement all their suggestions but it's only a matter of time! All the UMD interns finished the research portion of their internships in early May as they readied to graduate by month's end. Thank you to all of you! We benefited from your dedication, care, thoughtfulness, and intellect!

CRC international interns for Spring 2010\

All four international interns the day before they began to return home to their college programs in Social Work. Their hard work day in and day out helped CRC immensely. Thank you Chan, Sowyima, Shasha, and Logabiraman! Keep in touch and keep helping children!