Many Opportunities

The Children’s Rights Council has many opportunities for parents to reconnect with their children as well as hone their parenting skills. We offer parenting tools and articles. The CRC is also launching a program called SPEAK; Shared Parenting and Equal Access to Kids that enriches a child’s relationship with both parents.

Parenting Tools

Image for Supervised Visitation PagIn this section find useful tools such as the Activity Schedule for Kids (ASK), the Allowance & Savings Toolkit (CASH), and many articles under the Online Oversight section.

Joint Custody

Here are offerings include tools such as the Shared Parenting Agreement.

Parenting Articles

Here find a thorough piece about the IRS.

More resources to come from CRC

Staff and interns bring in research every month which we will post as we collect and assess it. Our goal is to keep bringing you information you want and need. Thank you for visiting the Parenting Resources section.