Social Advocacy

From the National to the Grassroots

Advocacy is a large and important part of the work of the Children’s Rights Council and certainly one of the most effective to influence social policy.  It’s how things often get changed from the national to the grassroots level.  Most understand that advocacy is the act of writing or speaking in support of a cause. And of course, there are many advocates for children and families in America, as there are for other causes.  In short, a large part of what an advocate does is to educate. 


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A Matter of Social Justice

Because CRC focuses primarily on issues as a matter of social justice, it does not necessarily handle personal cases or specifically promote individual behavioral changes to address traditional social assumptions.  Yet, although our advocacy efforts fundamentally require a political process to redress social inequalities, CRC nonetheless attempts to persuade parents, judges, and others about the benefits of making certain lifestyle and behavioral changes.


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