Father embraces baby daughterOn Behalf of Children, we engage the global family to fulfill three fundamental needs:
The need to protect the “Best Interests” and Healthy Development of Children.
The need to advance Social and Legal Justice.
The need to provide Community Awareness and Parental Education.

From This Foundation

From this foundation the Children’s Rights Council helps children and societies reach their full potential by advocating for shared parenting; promoting best practices that preserve and strengthen families; and communicating the benefits of continued parental and extended family involvement in a child’s life.

Who We Are

Welcome to the Children’s Rights Council (CRC).

For those who have frequented our site in the past you will notice a great many enhancements as we continue to improve services and communicate important judicial, legislative, and social information to you.


Whether navigating this site or working directly with CRC, it’s important to understand two principles: our vision and our policy.

It is our vision to promote a society where both parents play a significant parenting role in their children’s lives. This includes extended family members such as grandparents, stepparents and others who are part of the family fabric, all working as a team.

Best Interests

It is the policy of CRC to advocate and implement fair and effective practices that recognize the worth and dignity of each parent and their desire to love and nurture their child. CRC is therefore genderless. We are neither a women's group nor a men's group. Rather, we advocate what we believe to be in the “best interests” of children.

In a child's best interest, the Children’s Rights Council:

Advocates a rebuttable presumption of shared parenting in divorce custody orders;

Supports a balanced and comprehensive system of financial, emotional and physical child support;

Strives to transform the typical adversarial divorce process into one of conciliation and mediation;

Promotes parenting education and school-based programs for children at-risk;

Presumes two parents and a network of kinship is the best approach for ensuring a child grows into a healthy, happy, productive life.

We are pleased to welcome you to the Children’s Rights Council, and know you will find many important areas of interest to help maintain and enrich your parenting experience.

Be sure to bookmark this site and visit us again. Additional content will be added regularly throughout the year as CRC continues to move forward successfully advocating changes in laws and attitudes.


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